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PSC (Perl Secure Conf)

PSC is a project to try to make it easy to get protected data into an unprotected perl script. It involves a suid C wrapper which opens a protected conf file, which then drops its priviledge and execs a perl script (based on wrapper's command name). It also consists of a perl module Config::Secure, which reads and parses that data.

Upadate 2001-11-08 PSC-0.1.1 is a major change over 0.0.1 and 0.0.2. 0.1.1 is much simpler to use, does not require script paths, and is more robust. If you have the old version, however, you will have to change things around.

Download PSC 0.1.1 README
Download Config::Secure 0.0.1 README
Config::Secure is also available on the CPAN Here

This is all very Alpha right now... I am looking for feedback.
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